Wednesday, 7 December 2011

This Old House

One of my all time 'favorite' photos from
the High Country. May your hearth be warm
and may your walls be sturdy...
:-) Louvregirl, USA


  1. "May your hearth be warm
    and may your walls be sturdy.."

    I'll raise my glass to that.

    Here's to all of you - and thank you. :-)

  2. Snuggling up under a blanket with a log fire would be perfect in this lovely little cottage.

  3. Louvregirl, it has been a pleasure to meet you here. Thank you for being part of BW and sharing your corner of the Blue Ridge mountains with us.

  4. I raise my glass as well. Thank you Fire Byrd. It has been my pleasure to share photos on your blog!

  5. This is a fabulous photo, I would so love to see this place for myself. Photos such as this one is what made this blog so special to me. Thank you.

  6. ((((((( Louvregirl )))))))))

    Blessings to you. Thank you for brightening my world.

    This photo is just another fine example of that.

  7. It is really nice and it is brighten my day too. To see a beautiful house like that is really inspiring. I hope I can see it in person so that my day will be complete. Thanks.