Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Back to where it all began ... for me!

Thank you to everyone for posting such a fantastic array of photographs which not only celebrate our beautiful world, but also say such a lot about the person behind the shot.

Special thanks to Mandy for not only setting up the blog but keeping it fresh and so well maintained. I have enjoyed being a part of this community and am sorry to see it move into retirement. Perhaps like the phoenix it will rise again from the virtual ashes.

I shall miss you all, but perhaps we shall meet again …..


  1. Mandy, Gaynor has said it all. Thanks so much for everything. Diane

  2. Gaynor it has been so good meeting you here on BW, especially as we are such close neighbours in real life, and can't find the time to meet up. Who does steal all the time? It has been a pleasure to share your corner of the world with you.

  3. Another wonderful view of our wonderful world. It's photos like this one that has made this such an awesome blog to be part of.

  4. Poetically said and wonderfully matched with the poetry of the mountains.

    Thank you, Gaynor.
    I'll hope our paths get crossed again.