Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My first, and my last image here...

All that glistens...

It's a piece of Iron Pyrites placed on a mouse-mat, and photographed in ambient light... and as you can see I've learned a lot since then, aided by you wonderful people, and all enabled by Mandy and her hard work running this place.

Thank you all - and especially Mandy - for making this such a fun and educational place full of good pictures and good friends. 

For those of you who want to stay in touch as a group, you can do so here:


  1. Ohhhhhh.....I remember this! And oh, yes--how your photos have continued to get better and better and better.
    It's been a pleasure, sir.
    And thank you for the desire to give us a means to stay connected.

  2. Thank you Richard, for all your support and care of me and BW over the months. I have truly appreciated it. And the photos were fab too!