Wednesday, 7 December 2011

feathered diptych

Two birds; one a favourite, the other I've not posted before

Thank you so much to Mandy for running this great place and for allowing me the share my photos.:-) 
I have really enjoyed meeting all of you and exchanging comments. My only regret is that I only joined last June, such a short time ago.

All good things to everyone! Antoinette


  1. Wow.... talk about fantastic creatures!

    Thank you for sharing them. And thank you for wonderful photos shared with us here. It's been a treat, seeing bits of beauty through another's eyes.

    Be safe, stay well!

  2. I shall be following your blog for more of your fantastic photos, Diane!

  3. It's been a short but pleasurable Antoinette, thank you for joining and being part of BW.

  4. These are both wonderful, fantastic shots. It has been great being part of this wonderful group with you.

  5. These are both so very good, the owl one is especially awesome. I have enjoyed seeing your part of our beautiful world.