Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Last Autumn Blossom

Garden. Los Altos, California


  1. Seriously. You still have flowers.

    What a pretty little thing, tucked away in the greens and browns.

  2. I love this vibrant yellow /green colour just makes me smile.

  3. Mel, we Californians have flowers all year long. My patio pots need only a few nights of sleeping under a bedsheet to avoid the deep frost--and they bloom straight through our "winter." Even here in the North, where the hills turn green all winter in the rainy season and gold all summer long. Fire Byrd, still sorry to see this wonderful site go. I had never been made aware that the beauty we shared here was meant to be only the images of nature, or I would never have posted images of what I found beautiful in my world beyond that. Your effort is so greatly appreciated. You've done a magnificent job of captaining this ship. I will miss this site dearly. It has gotten me back out into the world with my camera, and I hope I can sustain this photographic joy without Beautiful World as inspiration! Thanks for all you've done, and may your letting go of this huge task bring you time for great adventures!