Saturday, 26 November 2011

Golden Crowned Sparrow


  1. What an amazingly beautiful picture !

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens photo

  2. too too too too cute here!
    Great shot and I bet you had to wait for it!

  3. Thanks!
    And lemme see; wait...:
    The rail surrounding the deck outside my office door has a wide top board perfect for feeding the birds. There are trees and bamboo about 6 feet behind the railing.
    I put seeds out for the birds. They all have personalities. I work on my computer with a camera at my side,set on a tripod, ready to make photos.
    This day the snow fell overnight, which it rarely does here in this part of California. Birds came to the morning feeding of freshly spread seeds, chowing hungrily, as birds will do.
    The snowman was added to the scene, and the birds moved in right away to check out the addition. The seeds I put on the snowman's face were eaten, enjoyed as if being served individually, rather than the bird needing to forage. The set up didn't last long because the sun came out and melted the snow.