Thursday, 8 December 2011

Goodbye to all you wonderful contributors

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in BW. I started it in June 2010 just on a whim, never thinking that people would really want to be part of it with me. Over the 18 months 56 people have been contributors although we have always stayed around the 27/28 mark at any one time.

I would love the give a huge hug to the people who came across from my other blog, Firebyrd, my personal friends Trousers, Paula and Zan, and long time blog mates, Mel and Nitebyrd and thanks for sticking it out guys.
To the people who joined up at the beginning, Lindy, Diane, Marilyn and Malcom, you are heroes for signing up and hanging about all this time.
To all the other people who make up or have made up the list of contributors for BW thank you for your time and effort. And particularly the people who post every day, even if that's only for a short time, so Kim, Gail, , and April the recent daily gang, thanks a bunch.
A big hug must got to Richard, for his help and support when I've been stuck on a computer issue, for setting up his techno blog that ran alongside BW for a while, and now for his new blog, which is a wonderful new resource for people who don't want to stop playing!

Just a few completely nerdy facts as I write this;
There have been 3843 blogs posted.
There have been 18465 comments.
The blog has been viewed 102,795 times, from the USA- 33,860; from the UK-25,049; Romania -7,967; NZ-6,545; Italy-4016; France-2,796; Germany-2,168; Qatar-1,838; Malaysia-1,550 and Thailand- 1,303
The single most popular photograph prize goes to Lindy for her recent Wild Clematis, second is also Lindy with Sunset Lago Di Bolsena back in June  2010. Third is Victor's recent sleepy cat, this is taken from the statistic of how many page views they have had.
We have 221 followers.
So all in all a pile of statistics to be proud of!

So not bad for my little whim. I don't know whether I'll ever restart this or whether I'll join Richards new blog, but I have kept all your email addresses and so will try and visit you in your other blogs by and by. Although I am trying to walk away, at least from for a while from jolly blogging and going to try and do some work on my two books that I've got lurking in blogland somewhere, as the damned things aren't writing themselves!

I wish you all good luck and happieness in all your adventures. Pop round and see me sometime.
It's been a blast and I couldn't have done it without you.
Lots of love

mandyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !


  1. Yet another gorgeous photo.

    Once again, thanks Mandy for everything. Your 'whim' created something very powerful, and very special, and we all benefited from the beauty shown here. I have enjoyed being part of this wonderful group. Best wishes for your projects, and for always. Thank you.

  2. (((((((((( The Byrdie ))))))))))))

    It's been a wonderful adventure and I look forward to every one that includes you.

    Thank you.
    My world is brighter and my heart sang lighter because of here.
    That's one heck of a gift to give someone--I hope you realize that.

  3. A big hug, Mandy! I wish you Happy holidays and all the best. Thanks a lot!

  4. My Dear Mandy..I know I am a new one here..but your kindness/love has radiated throughout this blog..So happy to have been able to be a part of it..Wishing you all the best. Have a wonderful Holiday..Sending love/blessings from our home to yours..

  5. Mandy@ Beautiful World has been the single most important source of encouragement for me to experiment with my photography over the last eighteen months. I have enjoyed posting my photos and interacting with the other contributors who have become virtual friends. I was stunned when I read this post and the viewing statistics, placing not one but two of mine as most viewed. Thankyou everyone. I hope some of you will follow me over at LindyLouMac's World in Photos.

  6. What a gorgeous photo!

    Thanks Mandy and good luck with those books...
    Happy Holidays to you :-)

  7. Thankyou for your 'whim' Mandy - altough I haven't posted lately, I have enjoyed posting and seeing everyone else wonderful photos of their part of the world. Take care and good luck with those books. By everyone hope to see you in blogland somewhere. xx

  8. Great capture! The blue flowers are magic!

    Beautiful world was a great experience for me and I've discovered new wonderful friends and amazing blogs. It was a pleasant surprise for me to find myself on the third place of the statistic page of views with my sleepy blue eyed cat. :))) Thank you everyone for visiting!
    Thank you for this opportunity and I wish you good luck with your books!
    See you!

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