Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Closing the Gate.

Polesden Lacey, Surrey.

It has been great fun and a reason to keep experimenting with my photography, as a member of this friendly community of photographers. I am bowing out today by closing the gate having shared 300 photos from the Viterbo region of Italy, 50 from China and 10 from the UK. Thanks again Mandy for this wonderful blog which has provided pleasure for its participants and followers with photos of our Beautiful World.   I have now thanks to encouragement from friends here set up my own photography blog, hope to see you there.
LindyLouMac's World in Photos


  1. It is sad to see the gate closed, but it is slightly ajar, so that's a good sign that we can always push open the gate and meet again,friends.

  2. (((((( LindyLou )))))))

    What an amazing photo. I love gates and doors--probably much for the reason Rosie's mentioned. They open to opportunities and surprises.
    That's what I found here. And I thank you for being such a huge part of 'here'.
    And I've learned much--not so much about photography (LOL--obviously), but about beauty in other places. And about beauty in my own back yard. Thanks for that.

    I hope good things for you on your adventure--and I'll be eavesdropping! (LOL Go figure!)

  3. I'm looking forward to watching your next adventure develop... I'll not be far away :-)

  4. Thank you Lindy, you've been here from the get go and have never stopped. I love that you've stopped at 300. I do two more pictures and on Friday I'll leave on my 400 photo. It has been such a pleasure to see your slice of life in Italy, especially sunsets over the water. What is lovely for you I think is that two of your photos are the most looked at photos in this blog, check out my post tomorrow to see which ones.I will stop by your blog when I have time cause it will be good to keep in touch.

  5. Now this is what I call a fabulous gate. I have enjoyed all your photos that you have shared here and I wish you well with your new photography blog.

  6. Rosie@,Mel@,Richard@,Louvregirl@ Marilyn@, Thankyou to you all for your lovely comments.It is sad to see BW close but this blog has inspired us all to new adventures and I hope we will all remain in touch with each other in one way or another.

    Mandy@ I am absolutely thrilled and very very surprised, it is thanks to you and BW that I have been inspired to enjoy and experiment with photography.

  7. What a perfect photo
    to say "that's a day"
    ....beautiful ending:)
    Your photos here have
    been a joy.
    Thank you,

  8. Jennifer@ Thankyou for all your encouragement over the last eighteen months.

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