Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Till we meet again...warmest regards from Melaka, Malaysia

Jonker's Street heritage architecture


  1. I joined in March 2011, and have posted 65 photos within a period of 8 months here. If only I had more time to post more photos of my hometown, Melaka. It has been only only eight months, but I feel like I've been here longer,and what a privilege it has been to be a part of Beautiful World. Thank you again, Mandy, and let's all keep in touch.

  2. It has been a privilege, Rosie. Thank you for helping this community be all that it is......and for sharing your beautiful world.

    Be safe, stay well!

  3. I've really enjoyed seeing your images and sharing your beautiful country - albeit at a distance.

    Thanks Rosie :-)

  4. Rosie it has been lovely to meet you here and to share your photos with you.Thank you so much for being part of BW.

  5. Best wishes to you too Rosie. It feels as though I have been part of a wonderful group and have enjoyed seeing photos of your part of our Beautiful World.