Thursday, 1 December 2011

A little colour from the archives...

Bristol Harbourside Walk


  1. Question:

    Is anybody interested in keeping this lovely little community together when this blog closes next week?

    I'm happy to build a blog that operates on an identical collaborative basis to this one - all else is negotiable - if people would use it.

    Email me: if you're interested - or indeed if you're considering something similar yourself!

  2. Love the photograph, Richard, and the idea. Will send email later today.

  3. That was pretty much the idea Mandy - I thought we could all do with a bit of a boost as the nights draw in...

    I'll dig out some more for our final flourish.

  4. Oh, it's lovely, Richard. Thank you.

    I have such mixed feelings about losing 'here'. I understand the decision--it's been a lengthy investment of time and energy for Mandy for the past two years. And I love her dearly for her willingness to undertake it and for allowing me the privilege of participating here. I know I'll miss 'here'--for her presence as well as for the sense of community that's evolved in the process.
    I don't want to lose either, frankly.
    And so I appreciate the offer to at least try to preserve one, Richard. Thank you for that.


  5. Well, if Mandy feels inclined to clamber on board any new venture there will always be room...

    This has been a superb blog, and I for one would very much like to see Mandy lock it down as an archive rather than delete it - that way we have a shining example of how to do it right.

  6. It will be locked down. As of next the end of next Thursday I will be the only contributor. I would never have deleted it, it's not mine to do so.
    As for getting involved with another place, then I'd appreciate being kept in the loop Richard, but may not do it straight away.
    I will miss here such a lot. My decision wasn't made lightly. I had a broken computer for over a week and realised how very obsessed I was with coming back to check what was going on, to the point of it not being healthy for me.There were of course other reasons but that was the final thing for me.

  7. Beautiful colours and a real boost to the spirit. Thaank you!