Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I Am So Outa Here... Time To Fly.


  1. Thank you , Mandy. I have enjoyed the blog immensely. Thank you every one who posted photos, made comments, became part of my daily life in an internet sort of way.
    I like what Richard is trying to establish over at ETI. I encourage you to migrate to the new incarnation and gathering of views and view finders.

  2. It's been a pleasure, sir. I look forward to more of your beauties and more of your company.

    Thanks for making my world a bit more beautiful, Kim.

  3. Once again your capture here is fantastic. I would love to be able to capture birds as you can, I have enjoyed all you have shared with us here on BW.

  4. Very clever title and very apt to go with an amazing photo.
    Thank you so much for being part of BW and sharing your fantastic photos with us. It has been a pleasure to see your work daily.
    Best wishes

  5. Don't fly too far away...looking forward to seeing more of your work, Kim.

  6. That's a perfectly-timed shot... I look forward to seeing many more - and picking up the benefit of your experience too :-)