Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Olive Triptych

The olives are looking good and we will hopefully be harvesting soon.


  1. welcome back. I'm very envious of you having your own olive crop.

  2. Fascinating shots
    and so beautiful
    ...good to see your photography again!

  3. This is just unreal to me. If it weren't for here and YOU, I'd have no upclose and personal looks at the olive tree.
    Seriously cool.
    Dunno how you harvest 'em.....pick 'em like apples/pears? Wild guess!

  4. Thanks ladies. Mel to learn more if you are interested I have written about our Olive Harvests on News From Italy.

  5. welcome back, with a really interesting triptych.

  6. Psstt---LindyLou, I 'searched', snooped and found a post back in 2009 that explained it. So thank you for that.

    HOW cool!!
    Definitely time consuming and labor intensive, but very cool! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  7. Gaynor@ Thanks for the welcome and Mel@ Sorry I should have left you a link. Do look out for a forthcoming post on this years Olive Harvest.