Monday, 14 November 2011

My Monday...this beautiful world.

I love going places and seeing lakes like this lovely one in Wanaka, New Zealand

caves like this enchanting one in Alugu, China

bays like this alluring one in Ha Long, Vietnam

mountains like this majestic one in Lijiang, China

scenery like this picture-postcard perfect one  in New Zealand

heritage sites like this unbelievably well-preserved one in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

art and architecture like this arresting one in Rome, Italy

and then come home to my own heritage city of Melaka, Malaysia

and with each sunrise, like this sunrise in Kuala Lumpur, I wake up, looking forward to my next destination,

 to see more beautiful places and meet beautiful people, like this one in Wellington, New Zealand!


  1. What a nice the colors...That's beautiful...

  2. What a wonderful trip around the world I have just had thanks to you. Lovely.

  3. An excellent selection, Rosie. Each photo is wonderful. I'm glad to meet you!

  4. You certainly get to enjoy Our Beautiful World on your travels Rosie,thanks for sharing this great selection.

  5. A lovely selection of photographs, Rosie. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful images Rosie, thank you. :-)

    I particularly like that cave in China, it's a wonderful sight.

  7. I enjoyed the visual voyage!
    I agree with Richard. The green cave shot is fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing your photography. The flow and selection of images showcased your work well.
    As always, seeing the portrait of the artist is appreciated. Now I can put a face to your contributions to BW.

  8. I'm an armchair traveler with happy elbows! Beautiful selection, beautiful range of subjects and composition, and what a clever portrait at the end. Thanks!

  9. Wow.....I can't decide! I love the bay shot and the mountain in China..... They're both very alluring photos. And all of them are wonderful--I'm glad for the camera accompanying you on your adventures and the rewards we reap as a result. Thanks for that ma'am.

  10. What wonderful photos of your travels, each one is worth seeing. Being a NZer I enjoyed seeing the ones you took here in NZ amongst others of very exotic looking places.

  11. What a wonderful selection.Nice to meet you!

  12. Great trip round the world, thank you! Been to Malaysia on several occasions - lovely place - but sadly never managed to get to Melaka.

  13. Thank you, dear friends, for your comments. BW is a site I cherish, and sharing my photos with you makes it as pleasurable as my travels.
    @Antoinette-when you do come to Melaka, I shall be here to be your personal guide :)...that applies to all of you too, of course!