Monday, 3 October 2011

My top 10 by Gaynor

I am privileged to share my photographs with you. As others have found, it has been difficult to choose only ten photographs - and for a Libran it was nigh on impossible! I really should say ‘we’ because the photographs will have been taken by me, or by Tim, my husband.

I decided to very loosely use the theme of mountains and lakes, and most of the photographs were taken during our many stays in the French/Swiss Alps.

Mountains are my passion, so I hope you can see something to interest you. None have been cropped, so they are just as they were taken.

Here goes ......

Taken near the summit of the Schilthorn mountain in Switzerland. What you can't see is that about 100m away is the revolving 'James Bond' restaurant!
Gaynor x


  1. Fantastic collection Gaynor. Love how you've stayed to one theme.Those are impressive places you've been!Love the snowy pass one with the clouds echoing the mountain shapes. Good to meet you and Tim here as well.

  2. I agree with Mandy, is a really fantastic series. Mountains with snow and! Thanks, Gaynor!

  3. Great to meet you and Tim, energetic people climbing up there! The photos are stunning, I love Switzerland but it is many, many years since I have been there so thanks for the memories. Well done. Diane

  4. Fabulous series of photos Gaynor and Tim and I can visualise the revolving restaurant as I know that very spot, although not minus snow. :)

  5. Lovely collection! Really really like the snowy view. Is it a glacier? Good idea to go with one theme..just helped remind me that Swiss/French alps region is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That was almost like sharing a holiday in the mountains - blessed relief from the scorching weather we've had here the last few days!

    Thank you. :-)

  7. Ah. For this one who has traveled little out of the U.S. (but scoured it pretty thoroughly), this was a truly beautiful journey. I love the two craggy red ones that follow the waterfall, but who can choose, really, among dazzling photographs from the top of the world? Thank you!

  8. Whoa.

    I live in the midwest. LOL We don't GET all.
    So this is majory awesome.

    I checked each one out and closed the photos with that same sense of 'right sized-ness' that undoubtedly needs to happen for folks like me. Humbled about how really 'small' I am in the grand scheme of things--and I like that.
    They're awesome photos--and please thank himself for his contributions in this collection. They're ALL awesome!

  9. Thank you for your kind comments. We thoroughly enjoyed being in a position to see the sights and take the photographs.

    From these photographs, and all of the ones I see regularly on this blog, our world certainly is a beautiful place ..........