Monday, 24 October 2011

My Monday

Like everyone else before me I found it really difficult to decide which ten images to show.  In the end I settled for one's that tell you alittle bit about my world - sounds very self centred but it isn't meant to be.
Tomatoes - can't live without them.

Blue - my favourite colour.

My favourite animal - apart from the giant panda,

Autumn colours - possibly my favourite season.

One of my favourite walks - The Dobman, Cornwall,

My favourite chilling spot, sitting on the cliff edge with my legs dangling looking at Pendower and Carne Beaches, Cornwall

Love silhouettes,
Abstract image of the Aerolus sculpture. One of the above two will form a long term photography project but I haven't decided which yet.

Our Sammy who we lost in Feb this year.

Last but not least me dangling in mid air whilst free fall abseiling down 100ft - one of my pre-mid life crisis challenges. I had stopped shaking at this point!!


  1. I enjoy each of your selected pictures, tells a lot about you!
    ...and WOW, you are so brave!!!

  2. A wonderful selection Karen. Super ideas and excellent photographs. Well done!

  3. What a great and varied collection, Karen. Many thanks for sharing your life here.

  4. That was a good idea for linking the collection - and it might just inspire mine!

    Thank you for some very fine pictures. :-)

  5. FABULOUS portfolio, Karen! What a range of interests and remarkable eye for beauty of all kinds. What about TWO long-term photo projects? Both ideas are so rich. Thanks for this vision of unifying the 10 shots into such an intimate view of your landscape--and YOU!

  6. O M G was that a brave or foolish decision to hang there on that wee string. LOL NO way!

    And gosh, I'm sorry for the loss of your pup--undoubtedly he loved well and was well loved.

    But I agree with Gail--fabulous choices--look at all that eye candy (yes, I know that generally is tagged on to a good lookin' fella, but I hunger for other pffffft to that!). The blues--stunning...and that you get to just sit, stare and BE with such magnificent places to

    Thank you for sharing bits of your world with us. They're all fabulous--you must feel really graced.

  7. I enjoy the abstract image you made of the Aerolus sculpture.
    As the song says, "What would life be without home grown tomatoes?"
    Your tomato shot has a certain something about it that makes it pop. I like it.
    Thanks for sharing the shots, and once again I like seeing the person who makes the pictures included in the collection of photos. We photographers will go to great lengths to get a picture, as is well shown in your "environmental portrait."

  8. Kimba ..... there can't be too many of us who remember "home grown tonatoes" except we probably would pronounce it differently!

  9. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments - greatly appreciated. x

  10. Karen, you've given My Monday a personal, friendly face, and this is great. We get to know a little more about you, when up to this point, you were a name and a place!From now on, you're Karen the daredevil with a soft centre to me.Hope to get to know you even better.