Saturday, 17 September 2011

So Last Century


  1. boy that's funny...and oh so true, isn't it!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

    I love the cat in the box from your last post, btw! that's just too adorable!

  2. Richard made that cat picture.
    It is adorable.

  3. Kim - I still use film this century as well as my digital... not as often as I did, but enough to keep my hand in.

    There still isn't a digital that can beat an original Olympus Trip for street photography.

  4. Great capture, I wouldn't mind having a go with film again, just the expense and time elements put me off - too impatient lol :)

  5. Karen - When you start visiting Bristol I'll show you a *good* 1/2 hour lab right near the city centre that isn't too expensive... might even offer a few film-based challenge - matches if you're interested in a little bit of competition... your skills are plenty good enough for a good fight. :-)

  6. Oh gosh. I think there's still some in my 35mm. *sigh* How sad is that....

    I'm sure glad for digital. LOL Serious amounts of clicking I do--I'd be broke in a heartbeat with developing costs!

  7. That's precisely why I keep popping back to 35mm once in a while...

    It forces me to stop and think about what I'm shooting rather than firing off 300 shots in a session and hoping maybe 30 of them will be useful.

  8. Why not stop and think while you are making digital photos? Why is there a difference? Don't you make better pictures when you can adjust your camera settings according to the situation? Don't you remember those settings and make better pictures as a result of it?
    I ran a small photo printing lab for a number of years. I learned that colors, and saturation of those colors is pretty much set by the darkroom technician/printer on any given day. Tests should be run to determine dmax, and whites, but that costs time and money. Plenty of times the testing to set color properly just doesn't get done.
    It is like a guitarist tuning his instrument without a tuner. He might get it right. He might not. He will play with it tuned the way he sets it, same as the printer will print your photos the way he decides is correct.
    We have all witnessed where that can lead.
    The day of the one hour lab are pretty much gone. I think it is a positive development.
    I too have film in some of my old camera bodies. They are museum bound dinosaurs that require toxic chemicals to make pictures. There is a reason we have moved on.
    The old cameras make swell doorstops. Darkroom chemicals are hard to dispose of.