Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sandon Hall, just visible through the haze .....


  1. I many many thousands or years ago did some agency nursing there. I think I prefer your picture of it to the one in my head!

  2. What a gentle feel..... Peaceful. Tranquil. :-) I like it muchly.

  3. Hello - is this the Sandon Hall of point to point fame? If so I must live just around the corner from you! Small world.

    Looks much prettier in sunshine!

  4. Isn't it a small world?

    This pic was taken from just behind our house.

    Mandy, did you look after one of the old Lord Harrowby's?

    Overtiredmum, I've had a quick peek at your blog, and you aren't far away! I'm still overtired but have moved on from the all consuming Mum stage now.....