Monday, 26 September 2011

My Monday: Gail

Winter, Lake Sonoma, California

Barn, Sonoma County, California

Clouds, cliff, cresting wave


Park, Healdsburg, California


Abandoned garden

Laughing Buddha, Healdsburg, Califonria

Antique car at Cloverdale, California

Self-portrait with Harley


  1. Thanks for this wonderful visual journey from the tangled naked tops of the trees to inside the mind works of a Harley.

  2. Very beautiful photos. Love the reflection on the mirror.

  3. A selection with colorful and fresh images. Sky, waves, grass, flowers, car...and a lovely reflection on the mirror!

  4. Now that's a clever self portrait!
    Being me I seriously love the sea photo. Good selection, love the way the colours seem to flow from one to the other picture ( till the orange car at least!)

  5. That abandoned garden is one of those little treasures...

    Thanks for starting my Monday with a smile, that's a fine selection, Gail. :-)

  6. Thank you, all. I've so enjoyed other people's "Mondays," and it was fun (and challenging) to pull out ten images I really cared about. Good exercise, Mandy.

  7. A lovely selection giving us a peek into your world. Thank you for sharing.

  8. a great selection but my favourite is Clouds, cliff, cresting wave. Diane

  9. A very varied beautiful collection Gail.

  10. Gosh--this is one of those 'don't make me pick' moments. But I really like the barn/sky one. Probably the midwest piece of me. I love the lines and colour.

    They're all pretty--the ocean wave is phenomenal (looks like you were standing in the wave!).
    Thank you for the peek into the world you live in--and for the brilliant way you capture it.

  11. I can't see you in the self-portrait, Gail. I have to say my favourites a r 'cloud, cliffs, waves' and 'tideline'. Great compositions, both. Bravo for the interesting shots.

  12. Rosie - Gail is about half-way up on the right, reflected in the shiny metalwork.

  13. Well done! I have enjoyed looking at your selection. I love the wave shot and the great perspective in the fence one
    Interesting self portrait too.

  14. Thanks for sharing a lovely collection. Think the sea shot is my favorite. Quirky self portrait :-).

  15. Hey Gail! After all the photographers you know/knew and lauded, I see that you too are a photographer after all, and these fine photos show the poetic vision that informs your word works.
    Takes me back to California in an intimate and peaceful journey, and then, true to your nature, the chuckle!
    love, Anne