Monday, 5 September 2011

My 10

Brenne national park

Suffolk coat

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Aigronne river, Charnizay

16th cent glass, Meziere-en-Brenne

Detail, Agnes Sorel effigy, Loches


Winter 2010/11, Charnizay

"optimism", February, York Minster

me, on a walk in Norfolk contryside


  1. Thanks Antoinette, an interesting and varied selection, all beautifully photographed.
    A great start to this new theme for a Monday. Well done!
    I particularly like the composition of the Krak des Chevaliers and also the colours of the stained glass.

  2. Well done Antoinette, not easy being the first for My 10. It is difficult to choose so many photos all of which should be beautiful. They are all great photos but I like the optimism. Diane

  3. A great start to My 10, like Diane my favourite is optimism and then the winter shot.

  4. Fantastic start Antoinette, I love the Suffolk coast and the winter one. good to see what you look like as well. It makes you a real person when you post in future

  5. @All - thanks :-) it wasn't easy [and Blogger was playing up]. My personal favorite is the shot I took of York Minster in Feb 2010. It snowed not long after I took this and it was 'freezing'!! It's closely followed by Krak & the winter one.

  6. A lovely collection--and diverse. I love Krak, the national park, and the snow, in particular. Mandy had a really fine idea, didn't she??

  7. I like your 10, Antoinette! Good start!

  8. I enjoyed your photos very much! Thanks for capturing for us what your eyes have seen in your part of the world!

  9. That's a great selection - 'Optimism' is my favourite too.

  10. These are beautiful pictures.

  11. Wow. You're a brave soul being the first in line! LOL Much braver than I.

    I love York and the Minster--it's a beautiful capture in the mistiness cold.
    I sooooooo need a return trip.
    I need a trip period. LOL

    Lovely collection, ma'am.
    And such a brave soul! :-)
    Well done!!

  12. These photos are lovely, I would love to be able to see these places with my own eyes one day...