Monday, 19 September 2011

Diane - My Monday

Thanks Mandy for giving me this opportunity, but I have to admit to finding it very difficult to find 10 photos that I consider beautiful.  I am not a photographer, I do not use a tripod, and my camera is a cheap super market special.  I have many, many flops, but thanks to digital I can just dump them!   Most photos are quite simply taken on ‘Auto’ but I have got a facility that I can change to when something is closer than 80cm, sometimes I hit lucky……..  Those of you who have known me for a while know that I have a thing about the sky, so no apologies for even more sky photos; I have though tried to vary the subjects.
 Stained glass windows 
15th century bridge at La Rochefoucauld 

 Just loved this house at Potterene, the only photo taken in the UK

In my garden


I could not resist these tiny piglets, I think they are beautiful!


Stormy night

Stormy sunrise, one of a series.

Myself meeting the Happy Frog blogger earlier this year.


  1. Diane, you made an excellent selection. I love stormy night and stormy sunrise....gorgeous colors and good composition. The second one is special, too.

  2. No worries, Diane. You've chosen ten lovelies. The bridge is stunning, and the ladybug is a real tribute. The two stormy sky views are my favorites. They combine mood and vision so beautifully.

  3. That's a great selection Diane. And your three sky photos are stunning. And that ladybird is a fantastic capture.
    Lovely to meet you too.

  4. You don't need a lot of clever technology when you have a good eye - and you do have a good eye. :-)

    My favourite has to be the piglets...

  5. Great selection! Really like the bridge and the stormy night--amazing cloud formation. You have a super 'feel' for a good sky photo!

  6. Wonderful selection Diane, can't choose a favourite as they are all lovely, though those piglets... so adorable. Have to agree with Richard you have a good eye for a photo, keep it up.

  7. I dig the pig(s) as well! The skies are dramatic, and the bridge is well done. Thank you for sharing what life's beauty is like looking through your camera!

  8. Awwww......look at those little piggies! :-) They're just too dang cute!

    And I'm thinkin' I'll have just as much of a moment trying to decide on ten. LOL I'm a point, shoot and pray kinda gal. And once in a while we hit lucky, eh?
    Like with these ten. HOLY moly..the skies are just phenomenal--I start pacing when the clouds build up that high.
    And the thatched roof place--just adorable.

    Ya done good! Seriously good.
    And no matter the equipment, I'm thinkin' it's the soul of the person behind it that really finds and capture the wonders around them. Thank you for sharing that in yours.

    And OH my gosh.... How cute are those piggies!!! :-)

  9. Bonjour Diane,

    Thank you. What a beautiful selection of photographs, which really show the best of your lovely part of the world. Bravo!

    You have a wonderful 'eye' for a photograph and should be rightly proud of your selection.

    No particular favourite, although the stormy sunrise is fantastic.

    Your blog is full of interesting shots, and if anyone hasn't taken a look they should do so right now.

  10. This is a lovely set of photos, each one of them is so good. Lovely to 'see' you too.

  11. Thank you everyone for your very kind words, I am a little overwhelmed by what you all have said but I do appreciate each and every comment. Thank you Diane x

  12. Diane, late and last, I am sorry but I have been without internet connection for four days thanks to a thunderstorm. I agree with all the comments above, great choices.