Friday, 5 August 2011

Sparrow at Sunday brunch

As far as I can tell this blog has run out of space for it's header photograph and unless I pay I can't put up another header. Our photos that we put up daily I don't think are affected as they are under a certain size and therefore are exempt from being covered in the allowed storage space. I'll keep you posted as I discover more.


  1. Do you have a Paypal account?

    If so, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one willing to help share the cost... you work hard enough running the blog without ending up out-of-pocket as well.

  2. Oh dear! I think it may depend on which system you use to host the photo?

  3. Many of us use Flickr etc, and those pictures won't be using any server-space at Blogspot... however some people don't, and theirs will.

    I think the header has to be hosted in the blog itself, there's no obvious way to embed those.

    If Mandy has some means of 'passing the hat around' I think the best long term solution is (for those of us who can afford to) to offer some support to buy an upgrade that'll provide as much more space as we need in future... it won't be expensive, and by sharing the tab it'll be painless - and very well worth it.

  4. <-- knows nothing about hosts

    <-- willing to help any other way!

    <-- knows nothing about hosts and systems and space, the final frontier.....LOL

  5. Sounds as if you understand all the technical side of this unlike some of us! Maybe users should be encouraged to post pictures that do not use the blogs server space, if that would help?

  6. Ohhhh!! I DO know something!! (not much, but something....LOL)

    I know that when I post photos on BW they go to my Picasa account for storage--so I'm thinking the issue with the storage for the header photo isn't about how many photos folks publish eating up storage. It could be as simple as deleting/purging the old header photos as ya go.

    Maybe? LOL
    k....NOW I'm back to knowing nothing! ;-)

  7. I think you're half-way there Mel - your pictures in Picasa aren't using any of the blog-space, mine in Flickr aren't either.

    The ones that are using server space are the ones people upload to the blog itself - I've not tried to see if it's still possible to do so, but it is a facility we need to have available... some members won't be able to post any other way.

    The header pictures do need purging - but there may be an issue if they're in the same folder as pictures some members have uploaded.
    It might not be immediately obvious which are which if that's the case.
    Deleting as you go is a good idea... first issue will be making some space for the next one though.

  8. How would others feel about the blog archives being cleaned up if needed, is this a bad idea? Maybe just display photos for the current year?

  9. Ohhh....I'd be sad if I couldn't click on a name and see all of the wonderful photos each person has contributed since they've joined us.

    It's kinda cool actually, looking back to see everything that's been shared and how that's evolved in time.

  10. That's why if the option of upgrading the package rather than losing the archive was available I'd favour taking that option...

    I'm perfectly happy to put my hand in my pocket to help it happen, all it needs is Mandy's say-so.

  11. I've paid $23 for a further 4000 pictures. I'm okay funding this. The actual daily pictures are not affected by this anyway. It is just the header and and any photos I might put up on the side bar. So I've got enough space to keep me going for a while!!!

  12. Hi Mandy,
    I've only just noticed this thread and am also happy to chip in towards the cost of this, or fund the next upgrade.