Friday, 26 August 2011

Shooting Stars


  1. I made this one a couple of nights ago after the sun had set. The sky was completely dark.
    The exposure took some tweeking to get right. This cannot be done without a pretty good dslr, and a tripod, because the lens was open for 30 seconds.
    ISO 1250
    f stop 8
    I used the camera's auto timer to trip the shutter to eliminate shake, and then had the flash set to go off as a rear shutter actuation, the opposite of what is normal, to light the tree and separate it from the very dark background.
    Being able to see the results of each photo setting helped me to dial it in. The entire shoot took about 15 minutes to do.

  2. Beautiful, yes. But all the other superlatives, too. Magnificent. Awesome. Cosmic. Mind-boggling. Thanks.

  3. What a fitting end to our sunset day. An amazing photograph.

  4. Nice work Kim!

    Sadly we've had a lot of cloud cover here so we completely missed the show.

  5. Whoa.

    Totally awesome job, sir.

    We had clear skies for the Perseid shower--so it was lawn chair and blankie for me!

    This is awesome, of course, specially with the tree and waters. Well worth the 15 minutes of your time.
    Holy moly.....15 minutes?
    *laughing* Where's the fun in that?! You coulda spent hours with the mosquitos! ;-)

  6. Brilliant photograph! It was well worth the effort. Well done.