Thursday, 18 August 2011

Clifton Gorge - from the archives

Clifton Gorge


  1. Oh my.....that's impressive and beautiful, Richard.

  2. Click through to the biggest version and you can see a yellow 'balcony' about 1/4 way down the cliff?
    You reach that via a cave that begins under the building at the top.
    The balcony has a mesh floor so you can look straight down about 300 feet to the road and river below.

  3. My vertigo just went into high gear! But, yes, beautiful.

  4. Ohhhhhhh....I went there this morning and didn't notice the yellow balcony--did the second time. awesome that must be to actually stand on and just watch.......

  5. I think I might need to shoot a few frames from that balcony and make a blog post for you...
    There's a great view of the Clifton Bridge from there, as well as the river... and you sometimes get to see birds of prey - from above!