Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Accounting Beauty


  1. LOOK at that lovely handwriting.

    They don't teach 'em cursive like that any more.
    Love the pen!!
    Ok...LOL...I love the whole works!

  2. yes, 1875. The book has been in the family since then.

  3. I wish I could still hold a pen properly...
    Younger me could write a perfect copperplate left-handed, then the school started breaking my fingers to try and force me to use my right. :-(

    Jorge, that's a beautifully-composed picture. :-)

  4. I've heard horror stories from left handed perople. I hope it's a thing of the past; although teaching good calligraphy goes with that too, sadly.

  5. My writing now looks like a spider-scrawl because it's my 'wrong' hand I have to use.
    Arthritis has made both hands equally painful now though, so mostly I have to type otherwise even I can't read it.