Monday, 25 July 2011

Stargazer Lilies


  1. Today I attended an open house at the farm where stargazer lilies were first created. Amazing blooms and smells filled the huge room where I made this photo.
    I had a chance to speak with one of the growers and during that conversation I asked about something someone on this blog had mentioned about the pollen being poisonous to cats.
    He assured me that it is not dangerous at all, but that it stains clothing, faces, hands, basically everything it comes in contact with. That is why people remove the tips of the stamens when the flower opens.
    The real danger to these flowers as I see it, is that they are beautiful enough to distract people from any flower arranged with it.

  2. You are right, lilies are the queen of flowers. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful color
    they are indeed gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow...that's such a true statement--they'd get all the attention! They're awesome. And thanks for checking out the rumour, sir.