Saturday, 16 July 2011

Roud to the Lake


  1. A mysterious shot-where does the path go? Nicely captured.

  2. You're back!!! (welcome back, sir)

    And if this was one of the lovely spots you got to hang around in.....lucky you!

    Yep--I'd wanna go 'round that bend and on to the next spot. Oh, but this spot is just so lush--wow....

  3. Hi Mel; I was back a few times after my travels... wao!, my posts really went un-noticed, haha. This increadibly lush place is at a lake on top of the montains in Puerto Rico: Lago Dos Bocas. Can't get greener than this.

  4. Pffffftttt! :-)

    Welcome back anyway!

    Better late than never.

    <-- brain dead some moments--it is NOT an age thing! (just sayin'.....LOL)