Friday, 1 July 2011

Cuteness Overload

Cuteness Overload


  1. I want them, they really are sooooooo cute. Diane

  2. Yep definite overload, but they are sooooo sweet so it's okay!

  3. What a great shot!!!! Identical twins,I wonder?

  4. I wanted 'em before Diane wanted 'em!
    k....I'm greedy. LOL

    How about joint custody and I'll take 'em on the weekend/every other holiday....

    JUST trying to compromise!!
    Too cute!!
    Seriously blows the top right off the cute scale.

  5. Absolute sweeties!! Love the way both heads are identically turned. Antoinette

  6. Great pic, and they posed for you as well. You must have a gift!!!

  7. All I did was sit on the grass beside the water and wait for them to come and investigate me. :-)

    Their mother told me a bad joke about asking for bread in a hardware store too...

  8. Synchronised ducklings ... on water they must be synchronised swimmers ;-)

    Hmmm, I wonder what the mother's joke was!

  9. A duck walks into a hardware store.
    "Got any bread?" The assistant says "no".
    Next day duck walks in again "got any bread?"
    The assistant says "no" kind of annoyed.
    Next day duck walks in again and asks again "got any bread?"
    The assistant says "No! and if you ask me that one more time I'm going to nail your feet to the floor!"
    The next day duck walks in again and asks "Got any nails?"
    Assistant says "no".
    Duck says "Got any bread?"