Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Precious Purple Orchid Blooms


  1. I like that you've included the stem as well as the actual flowers - the stems are often overlooked, and their snake-like forms are beautiful too...

  2. I'm more intrigued by the furniture beyond it, is that a veranda or patio and has it being raining?

  3. I'd never appreciated orchids until I was gifted a gorgeous one--which I promptly killed.

    Now I have orchid envy for anyone who can successfully keep them blooming.
    Wow this is a pretty one.

  4. Dear Richard,I often photograph the stem at its initial showing...just the sight of that fresh, young, asparagus-like tip makes orchid enthusiasts like me happy!

    Dear Fire Byrd, I might post a photo of my patio furniture for you to view...I like rattan. You'll probably like my white rattan sun-room furniture too.

    Dear Mel aka Orchid-Envy, they are not too difficult to grow as long as the location is right and they are fed. I have to confess though, that I have killed countless plants too. That's why I appreciate the hardy ones so much!