Friday, 3 June 2011

The Changeable the evening

This is how she looks in the evening...all dolled up for the night!
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  1. This is a beautiful series of pictures, which show beautifully the amazing changes in a day.

    What happened to the one picture a day rule here?I will let you off, as you haven't posted for a while. And it was worth seeing this lovely flower.
    I've also changed your label on the last picture.

  2. so amazing, never seen this before

  3. Rules are made to be broken when there's a good reason, Mandy... and that series just plain wouldn't work spread over 3 days. ;-)

    Rosie - the whole series is beautiful, and would be great printed as a triptych.

  4. Amazing...I soooo want one!

    Seriously. I'd stare all day waiting for the changes to happen.

    And Richard is right--wouldn't be the same had it been spread over three days.....which is what's amazing about the flower to begin with--it's all within the course of one day!

    Excellent! :-)