Friday, 3 June 2011

Banksy Was Here!

Banksy Was Here...


  1. Fabulous rectangle filled with the varieties of form, elegant light and shadow, and the wit of what appears to be an angel with a bloody "head," perhaps wounded by the kick of a dragon? Wonderful, Richard.

  2. The angel has a bucket of paint stuck over it's head ;-)
    Banksy took over most of the museum for a couple of weeks and totally subverted the 'conventional' rules of fine art... We have lots of his graffiti art around here as it's his home town, but we'd never seen anything on that scale before...

  3. Okay....Banksy's a bit over the top! But I like that he has his own distinctive mark.


  4. He made the angel too - the 'fine art' side of him is something the media tend to ignore...