Monday, 30 May 2011

Special Announcement!

Special Announcement!

The internet fairies have been very busy weaving their backstage magic making you some exciting new things to play with...
The current blog is already a great place to post our pictures, but it can get a little bit cumbersome when you want to talk about them as the comments follow the pictures down the stack when new content is added...

We now have a place where you can talk to your heart's delight, and more:

This is not going to replace the blog we all know and love - it's going to run alongside it as a place to discuss pictures, techniques, equipment, or even just to socialise if you like... the direction it takes will be largely led by yourselves.

Membership will only be open to active members of this blog - so go there and hit the 'register' link to create your account.
It'll help us recognise who you are if you use the same name as you do in here - once we've checked you are a member here your account will be activated so you can post.

The more of you join, the better it will work
- so get on over there and let the fun begin!


  1. OH!!

    Not that I'll understand anything with my 'point and shoot' technique. LOL Might learn something though! :-)

  2. That's pretty much the idea Mel... we can all learn from each other - point & shoot has more skills involved than you realise you're using, so we'll learn from you too. ;-)

  3. Sounds like it might be a fun place! I tried to register, but the visual verifier wasn't showing up, so I couldn't register. Will try again later.

  4. I tried too, but don't work the visual verify....

  5. Email me at:

    and I'll create accounts for you manually then send the details to you.

    Same goes for anybody else who's had the same problem.

  6. Derek our technical wizard has disabled the bit that was the most likely cause of the problems - the visual verifier script itself.

    Hopefully that's resolved the issue?

    If not, I can still sign you up manually.