Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Side Street Art


  1. It is how the paint is put on the building that counts in the end.
    I was trying to find a parking spot, turned onto a back alley type side street, and voila!
    A photo was made. Remember to carry your camera or you may miss a good photo opp.

  2. I've been looking at this for longer than I want trying to work out where the building really starts and ends, sign of a good wall painting methinks

  3. Ohhh.........look at the cool little fella in that second story window!

    No worries--camera goes where I do. And I'm going down alleyways to find me one of these!

    It is a cool mural. And I like the wonky trashcan. And the hand bush! And!! I wanna piece of the curb to just take in the whole thing for a while.

  4. That's a great shot Kim. :-)
    Framing it between the canopy and it's own shadow was a damn fine idea...

    We've got quite a few things like that in some areas of Bristol, and they look great until some bell-end tags them right across the middle just to negate the other guy's hard work... *rolls eyes*

    Would it be considered 'cheating' if I shot a few and repaired the vandalism in Photoshop?
    I don't normally process at all other than levels & curves, but I think that might be a legitimate exception?

  5. Hi Richard. You get both answers from me. First question, no.
    Second question, yes.
    Let's see what you see!