Friday, 20 May 2011

Osprey Food Fight


  1. Another lucky shot because I was prepared. We were out on the lake fishing for large mouth bass.
    My friend pointed skyward at two approaching ospreys. I reached for my nearby camera. A few clicks later the action was over. In a few seconds I had several very fine images.
    Shortly after that my wife caught a 7 pound fish, the biggest of the day.

  2. I love those chance shots. They are lovely birds!

  3. There's no such thing as too much practice, because with it comes the fluency to shoot without needing to consciously think about it - taking the time to think would have meant missing the shot.

    This is a perfect example of 'luck' being something you can make for yourself through good old fashioned hard work.

  4. Seven pound fish---good job wife of Kim! Woooohooooo!

    The photo is one of those I'm too busy watching to think of snapping. And even then, when eagles are doing their thing with their prey, if I happen to catch it...I'm lamenting the poor dinner catch.

    They're beautiful birds.
    And it's a wonderful shot.
    But....I can't help but go 'ooohhhhhh....' for the dinner catch.


  5. What an amazing picture. It's the sort of shot I would love to get. But need a better camera first then some patience, oh and a sandwich or two to eat whilst waiting.... what the bird flew past!