Wednesday, 25 May 2011

One From The Cessna


  1. When my friend called yesterday with an invitation to fly to the coast, I jumped on the opportunity. This was shot from the Cessna's passenger seat at 150 mph with the window open.

  2. Anybody know why I can post as anon but not as myself? I have tried many times to sign in, but each time I try it shows me that I am apparently signed in everywhere, except when I try to make a comment on your photos.

  3. I'll try again making a comment. This is wonderful Kim,glad you got the oppotunity so we could all benifit from such a great shot. Mandy

  4. Posting comments works fine for me if I visit the admin page first, then Blogger recognises me.

    That's a lovely image Kim - I know somebody who's learning to fly but he lives a couple of hundred miles away... I'll have to talk him into a local visit when he's qualified - it'll help keep his hours up. ;-)

  5. Wow.

    150mph?! I'da dropped the camera and that woulda been that!

    You're a creative soul, Kim.
    And apparently a bit more coordinated than me. LOL