Thursday, 12 May 2011

Old technology that's never been bettered...



  1. Drawbars might have been used by Hammond as early as the 1930s, but they're still by far the best way to control voicing on an organ - another one of my other hobbies.
    And yes, my hand is completely naked!

  2. Olivier Messiaen here we come-fantasticc sound at St Sulpice-great picture!

  3. Blogspot have really had it around their necks today, haven't they?

    Looks to me as though they've had a major failure and they've had to roll back the database to an earlier version, now they're trying to restore the difference since then... but it's piecemeal until they're finished.

  4. I wouldn't know if this was old or modern ;-) but it certainly looks functional.

    Blogger hasn't been very functional lately.

  5. LOL Poor blogger--they're dancing as fast as they can, I'm sure!
    (I'm glad it's with minimal damage, truth be told. I'da lost the whole works, I'm sure!)

    Cool photo.
    So many little time! ;-)

  6. Marilyn, it's both old and reasonably modern.
    The organ is from the early 1980s, but drawbars (those sliding bits beside my fingers) were first used in the Hammond organs of the 1930s... originally designed to replace pipe organs in Church, but beloved of blues and jazz players from then to this day.

  7. that's the era in which words like "cool" and "awasome" were coined... for good reasons!