Monday, 23 May 2011



  1. That's spectacular... and a fine reminder that however good we think we're getting at anything artistic, our efforts will always pale in comparison with what was there before us, and what'll still be there when we've gone.

    Thank you. :-)

  2. Small wonder I missed your presence and your photos.
    No pun intended, but 'small' is a good word to describe what happens for me when I see that last bit of daylight so well packaged.

    Gorgeous! :-)

  3. Thank you all...this was a shot from a rather precarious perch to see the sunset near Blowing Rock, N.C. (just off of the highway, actually.) I truly could not believe how golden the sky actually was. I have shots of the white sun setting (in the trees) but this shot of the sky left golden (alone) is what struck me.