Friday, 6 May 2011

Dereliction (late entry!)


  1. It's no less welcome for it's tardiness!

    I just love well-toned B&W for this kind of thing, and the subject is very strong aesthetically if not structurally with the combination of hard straight lines and the wavy-lap planking and then the random tumbling of nature coming in to reclaim it's own.
    That's a good piece of work. :-)

  2. What HE said...and I'll add that I like its surreal nature...

  3. How can you not love the wonky lines of the place?! Excellent little spot. I think I could explore for a bit--even if it meant trespassing.

    <-- is a trespasser extraordinaire!

  4. Photographic trespassing is a favourite sport of mine... but don't tell anybody, ok? ;-)