Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bug....having its meal


  1. Wow! The detail in the enlarged version is terrific!

  2. Wow is right!
    What an awesome photo with the lines and colours--let alone the teeny bug doing it's thing.

    Well done, Hedge!
    Seriously cool!!

  3. And the tricky bit is always deciding which bit to have the most perfectly in focus as the depth of field is so small.

    This is the sort of thing the forum has been built for, so we can talk about ways to do that sort of shot with whatever camera we have. :-)

  4. As a little 'tempter' I've started a thread over in the forum about this very picture...


  5. *laughing*

    Meaning no disrespect--surely you don't mean people actually TRY to get those shots?!

    As in 'on purpose'?

    k..... I'll go peek! LOL

  6. Thank you all.
    Richard, good initiative :)
    @Mel, i didn't understand your comment...I respect nature and may be everybody TRY to get these :)

  7. Hedge, I'm a point and shoot gal--where I see it, I take it, I try not to disturb what I see, and hope for the best. It's not 'planned'. I don't think I've ever picked a flower or plucked a plant with a bug on it for the shot.

    I might lay on the ground and look silly while I'm trying to take it and hope it turns out, but I'm just not a 'planful' kind of gal--too impulsive, maybe? LOL

    If I got a shot as good as this, it would be pure luck and NO talent on my part. I'm always amazed when folks actually 'plan' which lens, which setting and how they're going to get in there to capture the photo.

    By the time I got around to actually coming up with all those decisions the bug woulda scurried off to his little bug wifey in his little bug house! *laughing*

    In simple terms- It's a GREAT photo and I'm amazed! Well done!!