Sunday, 8 May 2011

bloody clocks

OK I've tried! The clock is appearantly telling you the time where you are..... Not what was wanted. If anyone has the energy to check out the blog clocks all 225 pages of them and finds one that is going to tell the time just in English time so that everyone who is unsure of the time difference on Themed Thursday then I'd be grateful. Otherwise I'll just get rid of it if it's of no help. Most of the clocks have adverts attached to them which we don't want.



    This looks like it'll work ok - it shows a little banner that goes back to their own page when you hover it, but looks clean otherwise, and you can customise the colours to suit.

  2. The good news is, I don't mind being a late participant! LOL Seriously, ma'am. I could fret and set up a clock somehwere on this contraption---or I could even ask himself. But I don't. LOL I'm too busy letting stuff fall out of my brain and looking at everyone else's STUFF to get myself organized.

    JUST confessing! :-)