Sunday, 15 May 2011

Black-headed Grosbeak Male


  1. I glanced up from working and was pleasantly surprised to see a black-headed grosbeak checking me out. One of my cameras was laying within reach, so I picked it up and saved the moment. Now I can share part of my Surday afternoon with you.

  2. Ummm, that would be Saturday.
    Surday would be followed by Mamday, wouldn't it?

  3. Now aren't you glad you'd put the memory-card back in after downloading stuff rather than leaving it lying around?

    Thanks for sharing the magic moment. :-)

  4. Three days after my father died, this bird showed up on my mother's patio. She had never seen it before. Daddy was a birdwatcher. She wasn't, but she went in his room and got the Peterson's, thinking she'd never find its name. She opened the book to the page the grosbeak was on! It stayed for three days. She never saw it again. The Hopis call this the "messenger bird."

  5. Holy moly....that's quite the tale, Gail.

    And quite the bird, Kim.
    Darn glad we get to reap the rewards of your Surday moment. LOL I rather like the idea of Mamday!

    Cool birdie. Grossbeaks have a bright red crest on their chest here--and we've been visited daily by the pair for the past few weeks. Kinda hopin' they stick around. He's a beautiful bird.

  6. Wonderful capture, Kim.
    My camera is usually way out of reach.
    I love grosbeaks!
    Gail, that's a lovely sweet dear story.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.