Sunday, 29 May 2011

Back to Basics

Because bees help create our Beautiful World


  1. This colony is actually pretty wild, hence the comb all over the place. We rescued them from the corner of a field and were looking to see what we could do with them, but it's difficult to see what's what when they have built the comb to their own design...

  2. I very much doubt I could build a better one, so I won't criticise their attempt. ;-)

    Bees fascinate me - so I think the picture, as their comb, is beautiful.

  3. Richard, their free design is much more beautiful than what we humans force them into - curtains of comb that fit perfectly with a bee-space between them. And clever of them too as it means we can't steal their honey ;-)

  4. I have wild bees in my garden wall. it's such a pleasure to see them coming in and our and visiting my flowers.

  5. I had to click to see it bigger.

    Bees and I have an understanding--I greet them and let 'em dance around the garden, they keep buzzin' and doing their deal without interference.

    Works so far!
    I think they appreciate that I'm allergic. I appreciate their cooperation. LOL