Saturday, 7 May 2011

At Betty's suggestion I have added a clock set at GMT so that people can know what time it is in relation to them in the world, which will help with themed Thursday


  1. That's not GMT, it's British Summer Time... ;-)

    It'll work just fine for the purposes of the exercise though. That was a good idea.

  2. You are such a good tender of the flame, Mandy.

  3. Any chance of changing the color from neon green to match the rest of the page? It seems too "present" to me. It dominates and draws attention to itself, like it is more important than our photos somehow.
    Time never trumps art.

  4. Sorry Kim, it won't change colour but I've made it smaller and got rid of the bold. I've used this one cause it was one of the only ones not to use ads alongside it. And this was on the third boring page of looking. There are 225 pages of clock type gadgets!

  5. *laughing*

    Did I notice it?
    But I do appreciate it. Even more so that it's set to MY time. :-)

    I don't think that's suppose to happen. LOL Or--maybe it is and I should be happy ya'll are working according to Mel's timeline and not your own!!
    THAT works. LOL The world SHOULD run according to Mel's timeline--everybody knows that!!!

    *laughing laughing*