Monday, 18 April 2011

Yellow Red Rose


  1. Stunning shot and rose-beautiful.

  2. Whoa.

    Now there's STUNNING if ever I've seen it.

  3. A long time ago I went to a showing of Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs. It was called "The Perfect Moment."
    In that exhibition I saw what that expression means. In the life of a flower there is a perfect moment when it is wonderfully alive, and has not begun to bruise or wilt. I find myself constantly looking for new blooms hoping to find that moment.
    I find that perfect moment in many places, not just in nature. Light is magical. If you have a camera with you it is more likely to capture some of the magic than if your camera is at home sitting on the shelf.

  4. I very much agree, Kim - that's why I feel so naked without my camera, in case I see that moment and cannot capture it...
    The light plays beautifully upon that rose. :-)