Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Soft cushion


  1. Cool shot. The bluebells add a nice splash of color.

  2. I know a few people like that gate... beautiful to look at, but not especially useful... :-)

  3. Knowing Richard's not referring to me. :-/

    (let's remember I always think it's about mememe...LOL)

    I think it's pretty--but I'm all about aging things....and weeds that are flowers even though other folks don't think so.

    <-- personally liked the dandelions turned to seed.

    <-- personally waiting for a few to show up in the yard to I can blow and decorate the neighbors. LOLOL

    He did cut down that apple tree, afterall....

  4. Richard - haha! that gate is aging but does actually work, that's just its propped open position ;-)

    MeMe - I just changed your name. Bits of my folks garden are like mine - non-maintenance ;-)