Friday, 29 April 2011

Hungry birds


  1. More like naughty herring gull, disturbing the peace of the mallards and coots!

  2. The gull might try that with ducks and coots, but if they try the same thing with a swan they'll get a serious beating - and deserve it.

    I wish I'd got my camera to hand a couple of days ago when some gulls got on the wrong side of a raven... ravens aren't normally an aggressive bird, but this one knocked a gull to the ground and rode it while giving at a real good seeing to - the rest of the flock fled and abandoned it to it's fate.
    It lived - but I doubt it'll ever go near a raven again.

  3. SWIM little duckie....SWIM!!!!!!

    Omgosh.....what ya gotta do to have a bit of peace during dinner.