Monday, 18 April 2011

Hot waterfall - perfect for a good soak.

A thermal creek near Rotorua. This is steam not mist as such.


  1. Oh wow....what a cool place for a hot spot. Or...umm...what a hot place for warm spot?

    Oh, you know what I mean.

    Way nifty! :-/

  2. soothes my muscles just to see:)

  3. I want to dangle my feet in that water... it's a beautiful image of a beautiful place.

    We have a thermal spring nearby in Bath (It's what the city is named for) but it's inside a Roman temple - I'll have to go photograph it for you. :-)

  4. A lovely late "cascade." Makes me want to drive over to our "Geysers" and find a plunge! It's a beautiful picture.

  5. Love that place-beautiful capture.

  6. A more attractive setting than our local thermal springs

  7. Steam, mist, it really doesn't matter to me, I love the waterfall. And this is a beautiful picture!!
    Thank you for following me, I am one of your new followers here! I love these pictures!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels