Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Harbour wall tones


  1. I like this image a lot... it's stark and simple - until you look a little more closely and realise there's actually a heck of a lot going on as it draws you in. :-)

  2. Wonderful collection of strips, beauitful colours.
    AS you hadn't done the label I took the liberty os assuming this was France as in yesterdays pic. Sorry if I got it wrong.

  3. Very nice indeed... I like to think of all the creatures living in the greenery and catching some sunshine while the tide's out!

  4. Okay--now this is a very cool photo, ME. (go figure!)

    Seriously makes me wanna find rocks and give a go at replicating it along some river bank.
    Yeah, yeah...not the same, but still....

    It's one of those photos that just draws you to take more than one look.