Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Do You Wanna Do Something This Weekend, Honey?"


  1. Sure, but I have nothing to wear.

  2. That's such a fun shot! Love the title, too.

  3. Today we met a group of guys on a stag weekend, and the groom-to-be was in rather splendid flamenco-dancer drag!
    He didn't need much persuading to pose with me while my wife wielded her camera.
    The detectives among you will find the results in my Flickr stream. ;-)

  4. *laughing* Somehow, I can picture that without investigating, Richard--but since I was invited...

    In this house the answer is invaribly "Do YOU want to do something this weekend?"

    I still say you don't answer a question with a question and the answer oughta be a resounding "Anything you care to do oh-light-of-my-life."