Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cat With Oregon Junko


  1. Oh, I am so pleased that the bird lived!

  2. It may have lived, but I bet that cured his hiccups!

    I'm glad somebody posted the darker side of a cat... their cuteness makes it very easy to forget they're a ruthlessly efficient killing machine too.
    You did very well to capture that moment, no way would Magic let me near one of his catches.

  3. A bit shocking to see
    even if the bird lived.

  4. That cat definately saying'don't mess with me'
    Great if not particularly nice capture by you and the cat!

  5. Oh. :-(

    BUT--I'm relieved to hear the birdie lived.

    I'm not so sure I'da ever captured the shot. I'da been too busy chasing the cat down and hollering. BAD KITTY!!! NO!!!!! :-/