Monday, 28 March 2011

Make A Wish And Blow


  1. That is a real William Blake (all the world in a grain of sand) photograph, Kim. It could be galaxies or cells or spider or firecracker--or maybe a common dandelion. Beautiful. I envy your FOCUS.

  2. They look like sparklers. I wouldn't want to attempt to blow them out if they were on a birthday cake!

  3. That's a lovely piece of work Kim.

    The close cropping forces your attention away from the more usual 'fluff' and allows for a much more interesting view, imho.

  4. I was considering titling this one, "Stand Out In A Crowd", or, "Be Different."
    One never knows where and when a good photo is to be found. I was cutting the lawn when I noticed the first dandelions of the season were making seeds. I puffed a breath over the flower and the seeds took to the air. The photo shows what remained on the stem.

  5. Very cool. Much cooler than the usual puffiness I go for. (shows what I know...LOL)

    Oh......and excuse me but----

    GROW little seedlings! GROW!

    <-- is for the dandelion, obviously. ;-)

  6. Fantastic photo in every way. Love the close up detail.